Using the learning and power potential of the group

Answers to the questions:

  • How do my coworkers view my leadership behaviour?
  • How do roles, norms and rules grow within a group?
  • Can I influence their development?
  • How can we engender authentic communication between group members?
  • How does one’s personal influence grow through the give and take of feedback?

You will find within this 6-day continuing education. The Course members learn to use the advantage of group work through their own action or inaction. They develop awareness of different functions within the team and how they can use their personal power to enhance work processes.


  • You will learn to perceive, analyse and influence processes within the group.
  • You will develop yourself perception through feedback from others.
  • You will reflect your own style of leadership and be given the opportunity to experiment with new ways of behaving. In this way you can improve your personal style.
  • You will learn to steer yourself and others in a manner appropriate to the situation.

Through methods such as Self-help learners in training groups, role-playing games, sociograms and the reflection of one’s own experience within the group learn to communicate more clearly and directly. You develop authority and trust and increase your emotional competence by (leadership) responsibility.

This training lasts a total of 5 days and starts every Sunday at 6:30 pm and runs until the respective Friday 12:00.

Important information:
You are welcome to register via our registration form. It is carried out by our co-operation partner Team Dr. Rosenkranz.


Persönliche Daten

Die Abmeldung eines Teilnehmers bis 4 Wochen vor Seminarbeginn ist kostenfrei möglich. Bei Abmeldung innerhalb 4 Wochen vor Ausbildungsbeginn berechnen wir die volle Teilnahmegebühr. Ersatzweise können Sie auch einen Ersatzteilnehmer/-in nominieren. Die eventuellen Stornokosten des Hotels trägt auch der Seminarteilnehmer.

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